The Crew

Carlos Leal

Nicolas Machado

Bruno Parreira

Nicolas Mansilla

Born 19th April 1975, in Luanda Angola. Professional fisherman and charter Captain on the past 17 years.  IGFA World Record holder with a Jack Crevalle (30Kg / 2010). Multiple previous IGFA participations including IGFA Cabo San Lucas Tournament.

Captain of the Ole! Sport Fishing Team. He likes friendships, sports, music and a good fishing day. He has enough patience to deal with The Team.

Born 29th, August 1978, Luanda Angola. Professional architect and shareholder of Archimage Lda., an Angolan Company based in Luanda. Fishing is a passion trolling from a boat or from onshore (always with cold beers). He likes Benfica FC, music, off-road driving, theatre and other cultural activities. 

Born 07, March 1990, in Malaga Spain. Last year student of architectural in the Methodist University of Angola. Mandarin License in Shanghai TongJi University, also shareholder of Archimage Lda. He chose sport fishing as a getaway of the boring daily basis student activity. He likes to compose music, digital design, drawing and other creative challenges.

Born 26th, April 1962 (nice Corvettes back then), in Badajoz Spain. Shareholder and General Manager of Selquimica Lda., an Angolan company and international trading solutions provider. His passion for fishing started around the 90's (thanks a lot Jan!). He likes friendships, motorbikes and chases his biggest dreams until he is able to fulfill them regardless of how long it will take.